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Magic In Hall Of Fame

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There was never any question that Magic
Johnson would make it to the Hall Of Fame
, and picking Larry Bird to present
him was a nice touch. But as great as that is, it's even greater that he
has made it in phenomenal health. We saw a story the other day that said
he had no symptoms of HIV at all. That's just great to hear. We can
still remember hearing the news of his abrupt retirement, we can remember the
road we were on, the bridge, the time of day. It was a huge reality check,
though as it turned out, Magic's extreme promiscuity made him a more
likely victim. But just as one facet of his character cost him dearly,
other parts probably saved him: his ability to focus, to face a challenge, and
to rise to the occasion have let him, to this point, triumph over this
disease. He was a joy as a player, and an inspiration in his post-athletic