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Let's Break This Down To Basics

Mike DeCourcy has an article up on Brett Nelson, and in this article he asks this very interesting question: "Given the abundance of Florida's talent, it should be discussed as a potential NCAA champion. So why is Florida buried near the back of most preseason top 10 lists, included mostly to hedge against the possibility the Gators will suddenly coalesce?"

Easy. It's because while Billy Donovan piles up talent at amazing rates, he has proven to be more of a collector than a chemist. The guys he's gotten in who have really been helpful - Udonis Haslem springs to mind - have been surrounded with the likes of Teddy Dupay, Brett Nelson, Donnell Harvey, James White, and soon, Anthony Roberson.

If you asked Donovan who Freud was, he'd probably say a power forward in Uruguay. Unless and until he discovers the value of guys like Sydney Lowe, Nate James, Illian Evtimov, Scott Goetsch, Derrick Phelps and Ervin Murray, he's going to experience the same problem over and over and over.