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DT - Still The Greatest

For everyone who never saw David Thompson play basketball in college, we can only say: we're so very sorry. You can't really describe him in words. You can't imagine seeing a 6-4 guy going up and rejecting a Bill Walton shot, and you can't see the elegance of the lob pass from Monte Towe, which he just dropped from about a foot above the rim.

You might have heard the legend of his snatching bills from the top of the backboard, but you can't imagine watching him run from the key and intercepting a Pete Kramer shot at the top of its arc.

We count it as one of the great privileges of our life that we got to see this guy play. There's never been anyone like him, and chances are there won't be ever again. He was that special, that unique, that damn great.

Here's how great he was: Duke and UNC fans and everyone else idolized him. You could never say that about another ACC player. He's still the greatest.