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Weekend Warrior? Visit Duke Sports Medicine Center!

A great, absolutely world-class resource on Duke’s campus that isn’t taken advantage enough is the Duke Sports Medicine Center in the Finch-Yeager Building. Many think that the orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists, whose medical wizardry on Elton Brand and Carlos Boozer (among others) is legendary, are available only for Duke’s premier athletes. That’s simply not true; their magic is available to the entire public. So if you’re a weekend warrior who has strained a knee in a driveway pickup game or an aging athlete who has twisted a shoulder on the tennis court, consider seeking help from the experts at the Center. In fact, because of its world-class reputation, many people from out of town come to the Center for treatment and rehab.

A significant feature of the Center, which is led by Dr. "T" Moorman (an awesome guy) is the multidisciplinary approach it takes. There are actually four components to the Center: The Duke Sports Medicine Clinic, Duke Sports Medicine Physical Therapy, the Michael Krzyzewski Human Performance Lab (K-Lab) and the Duke Sports Performance Program. As the Center states on its web site: “The DSMC Clinic and Physical Therapy offer a coordinated program geared toward diagnosis, evaluation and operative/non-operative treatment, while the K-Lab and the Duke Sports Performance Program provide valuable information on injury prevention and performance enhancement for athletes and physically active individuals.”

Both the K-Lab and the Duke Sports Performance Program have done some fascinating research into sports psychology, nutrition, and kinetics. In addition, the Center offers a Women’s Program under the leadership of Dr. Alison Toth. Like we said, if you have a sports-related injury (or really any musculoskeletal injury or pain, sports-related or not), we’d highly recommend you visit the Center. We know several non-athletes who have had amazingly quick recoveries.

If you have any questions, you can call Jim Bolognesi at the Center at (919) 681-6354 for more information.