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Doug Clark Checks Out

Though there are a lot of things which come between Duke, UNC and State fans, there are a lot of things we share in common. One of the greatest was Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts. Doug Clark, sad to say, is no more.

In an age when you have very graphic stuff available from rappers like Lil Kim, the Hot Nuts schtick seems pretty quaint. It was bawdy and suggestive but never graphic. Most of all, it was funny and fun. Generations of Duke, UNC and State fans grooved to the band, and generations of younger brothers and sisters snagged the records from their siblings and cracked up.

Clark's brother says the band will go on, but time goes on, and the Hot Nuts time has mostly passed. Still, for probably the most enduring band in the history of the Triangle, it'd be nice to squeeze a few more years out. What a great run they have had.