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Grudge Match

UNC gets a shot at Mack Brown's Texas team, and more importantly to a lot of UNC fans, Mack Brown as well. A lot of them haven't gotten over his leaving for Texas five years ago.

Lenox Rawlings pretty much gets this one right. We were pretty amazed when Brown was in Chapel Hill, averaging 9 wins a season and ending the last two seasons at 10-2 and 11-1 - and it wasn't good enough for a number of people. Obviously if we were aware of the grumbling, so was he, and who can blame him for leaving?

After he left, things got bad fast, and instead of being a guy who couldn't coach or couldn't win "the big games," Brown became a traitor.

It'll be interesting tonight to see how the crowd reacts. Considering where he took that program and what he left them in terms of facilities and talent, they should fall to their knees and thank him.