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The Lead Is Slipping

Beth sends us the latest status for the DBR JDRF team:

As of this minute... The DBR for JDRF Team is still holding the top team spot- but the 2nd place team is right behind us! We need your help to keep the DBR Team #1 and to fund a cure for Juvenile Diabetes!
  • We have 2420 points. (The 2nd Place team has 2410 points and the 3rd Place team has 1620)
  • We have raised $2,010
  • We have 124 members.

Did you know that Diabetes kills one American every three minutes? is running a national online fundathon and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is the sole beneficiary. Each year approximately 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes and over 13,000 are children. Diabetes strikes children suddenly, makes them insulin dependent for life, and carries the constant threat of devastating complications. I'm doing something to help, and I hope you will join me.

I have established a team-"DBR for JDRF" and hope that you will join us. It's so simple. Just click here and make a small $10 donation. Then forward the message to family and friends and help grow the team. At this time- all the teams collectively have raised $18,163 . IF by August 31, all the teams collectively raise $50,000, the best fundraising team will WIN A $10,000 PRIZE! $5,000 goes to the captain (which I will donate to the DBR ) and $5,000 is shared by the rest of the team. Every dollar is funneled straight to research grants- so every dollar counts !