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Sad News From The Mailbag

I was sorry to learn tonight that proud Duke graduate and former Red Sox announcer Ned Martin passed away today (Tuesday) at age 79. In addition to his passion for the Sox, Ned was a huge Duke basketball fan. He called games for the Red Sox from 1961-1992, and was the voice I heard (along with Jerry Remy, Sean McDonough, and Bob Montgomery) as I was growing up and first fell in love with the Red Sox and baseball. As for most people the vast majority of their exposure to a sports team is through television, the voice of a beloved commentator plays a vital role in that experience. I know many Duke fans feel that way about Bob Harris, and possibly to a lesser extent (love them or hate them) guys like Dick Vitale, Brad Nessler, Mike Patrick, &c. I'm sure any of your readers who grew up in New England and listened to Ned call the games on NESN will be saddened by this loss.