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Recruiting Class Ranked #1 and other Women's Notes

Duke's 5-woman recruiting class was ranked #1 by the
All-Star Girls' Report. The other major recruiting
service, Blue Star, ranked UConn's class #1. The ranking doesn't take
into account Jessica Foley, regarded as a top foreign prospect, nor does
it take into account that UConn may not have the services of 6-7 center
Gillian Goring, who has had trouble qualifying. Note that Georgia Tech
was ranked 11th, UNC 14th (with just two players) and Florida State
18th--the ACC is loading up!

Georgia Schweitzer's WNBA
diary entry this week is truly superb. Her thoughts on
being a professional athlete, negative attention toward her coach and the
concept of trust on the court are really worth a read. Georgia's minutes
continue to be limited, but Michele Van Gorp got a start recently and
scored 7 points.