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Chris Burgess Update!

Some time ago, we linked to an article where Chris Burgess said that he
expected to play center if he made the NBA - this after he left Duke because he
was asked to bulk up to play center.

When he went to Utah he told Rick Majerus he wanted to be the next Keith Van
Horn. Majerus told him he was no Van Horn - so now Chris
is focused
on being an "NBA role player, banger, runner, defender,
dirty-work guy," according to Dan Wetzel.

Funny, that's pretty much what he was asked to do at Duke, and part of the reason he was asked to bulk up. Oh well,
water under the bridge. Chris says he's grown up a lot, and it sounds like
he has. One wonders whether his father has. We haven't heard any talk of
what a terrible coach Majerus is, or how Chris got screwed, or how he should be
playing forward instead of center, or of what a big house Ken Burgess owns lately, so
maybe he has.