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Dunleavy Sr - Duke Might Be The Better Option

Mike Dunleavy, Sr., says he
may advise Mike to go back to school,
according to ESPN. "I told him
over the weekend that I think he should go back because he's struggling with it
this much. This should be something he wants to do. It's all about going
back for his senior year. It's not about the teams. It's not about where he's
going to go. They're all great cities. He didn't plan for it. He could have
graduated and would have done it. He's looking forward to the challenge of his
senior year and it being his team," Dunleavy told Andy Katz.

Here's a
thought - if he did come back, how popular would he be? It's hard to imagine how
much Duke fans would love him if he returned their affection.

Now, there is a story that says the rumor
mill in Chicago at the NBA Camp is that Dunleavy might pull out.