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Ra'Sean Dickey Update!

Michael Kruse has a column up on the
rising star of South Carolina, Ra'Sean Dickey.
Right now it looks like
a neighborhood battle between UNC, USC, and Clemson. That'll be fun -
South Carolina hates UNC and Clemson, and Clemson hates UNC and South
Carolina. Carolina isn't crazy about either school, but USC has more
or less become a non-entity since leaving the ACC. Dave Odom lost a key
recruit to academics and shows no great sign so far of turning that mess around.

If he went to Clemson, Dickey would a) likely save Larry Shyatt's job for
some time, and b) maintain the Clemson tradition of really talented big
men. Clemson has pumped out Tree Rollins, Larry Nance, Horace Grant, and
Dale Davis, among others. Not bad for a school that still barely takes
hoops seriously.