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Yow! State Coach In Hall Of Fame

Congratulations to Kay Yow, who made the Hall Of Fame. We think that's
great. She's been an absolute rock for ACC women's basketball, and she's done a
brilliant job. Congratulations to her, and best of luck for the rest of
her ride. State made a great decision to hire her, and look how it's paid off.

in: Larry Brown, Magic Johnson, Lute Olson, and the late Drazen Petrovic, and
the Globetrotters. Larry Brown has the record, but since he managed to get
both UCLA and Kansas on probation, it seems kind of hard to argue for him.
Magic Johnson is a given, of course, and Lute Olson certainly deserves it.

the Hall's Web site,
by the way. Odd fact discovered (by us) for the first
time: Denny Crum's first name? Denzil.