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Schweitzer, Brown Updates!

Well, it's official: both Georgia Schweitzer and Shaeeta Brown will
continue to be part of the Duke staff
next year. Schweitzer will be the third assistant coach
and will work with the guards, recruit and scout. She was a big boost
last year when Joanne Boyle was out with her illness, and could have a
big future in coaching if she chooses not to go into medicine. Brown will
retain her administrative assistant position that she went into last year
when Boyle came back to the coaching staff. This will include marketing &
promotions, as well as running the summer camp. Georgia's status had
already been pretty well-cemented but Sha's was up in the air until

Speaking of Schweitz and her professional exploits, she's making a real
mark on the league in her second year. Georgia was a big factor in
Minnesota's upset road victory over
Sacramento. She scored all 9 of her points in the first
half to keep the Lynx in range, and then came up with several assists to
boost them down the stretch. Schweitzer also got a key steal in the last
two minutes of the game to put them over the top. Georgia did well
against one of the top point guards in the league, Ticha Penicheiro.
Michele Van Gorp didn't play due to tendinitis.
Here's a recap

Also, check out her latest
WNBA diary. The part where she talks about how natural it
was to feel close to her college teammates and how her pro coach has to
emphasize that point is telling. There are many differences between
professional and college basketball--especially when the WNBA's season is so short.

One last note: Schweitzer's Lynx will be on TV tomorrow (June 4th) at
10:00pm on the Oxygen network as the inaugural WNBA game on that network.
Hopefully Gorp will be healthy enough to play as well.