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Boozer On The Draft

Carlos Boozer obviously slid further down the draft than he would have
liked. But typically,
he's not whining,
and says he's excited about Cleveland.

Caulton Tudor thinks that the NCAA should allow players to be drafted (or
not) and still
return to college
as long as they don't have an agent. Mike DeCourcy
follows up on this, arguing that
this draft proved to people
they are foolish to come out early. He's right
in saying that the NBA is drafting international players because they can play
now, and he's also basically right about players coming out early. In Boozer's
case, though, he finished school early so he could come out early, thus
satisfying Charles Barkley, among others. The only reason for him to come
back would be to possibly improve his draft position. But he leaves Duke
with a degree and a nice job. It's hard to argue too much with that.