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More Draft Notes

The draft is just around the corner, and while the Bulls are giddy about
getting Jason Williams, and Dunleavy rumors make him possibly the first pick
with a trade scenario, other guys are getting ready to. Former Wake hothead
Darius Songaila (we say that because of his relentless ability to get
frustration fouls which hurt the Deacs) is
set to go at some point,
and Chris
looks very likely to be a Knick. Going from Whiteville to New
York is a big leap. He's going to need luck and a lot of help.

The late-rising international star, a new NBA draft tradition, appears to be Maybner
Rodney Hilario of Brazil.
Michael Wilbon has
some notes up
with a plug for Juan Dixon. The NBA must be nuts to
downgrade this kid. He has the heart of a lion.

True to form, the Hornets are looking to dump players who are ready to
renegotiate. Next
to go: Baron Davis.

Here's more on the
Dunleavys and Golden State