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Dunleavy & The Draft - What's Up With That?

Here's the latest NBA rumor about Dunleavy and the prospect of a major trade being in the works of which he would be a part.
Keep in mind that this is by no means confirmed, but it's a slow day, and draft rumors are fun.

Alright, it may be total horse poop, but an NBA guy I know
says the hot rumor today is that Golden State and Houston are going to switch picks so that Houston can get Dunleavy and Golden State can get Yao.

The talk is that Golden State would send Danny Fortson and perhaps next year's #1 pick to Houston to make the deal. There is talk the deal could have Golden State taking Glen Rice's salary off of Houston's hands too. A third team appears to be involved somehow to make the salary cap stuff work out.

It sounds like pipe dream stuff to me. But, if it happens, you heard it here first.