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Charlotte Or Louisiana, Still Same Hornets

Nice to know some things don't change: the Hornets are set
to renegotiate with Baron Davis,
which means, if tradition holds, they won't
try hard to keep him. George Shinn didn't have to move his team to New
Orleans to make his teams the NO Hornets, because that's what they say to pretty
much everyone.

Funny note from the Charlotte Observer: the New Republic runs,
or used to at least, a feature where headlines conflict. It's not quite a
headline, but two stories in the O.

First story: "China's Yao Ming might not be a lock as the No. 1 overall pick after all. A source close to the Houston Rockets said the team was waffling over whether to choose the center in the draft Wednesday because of unresolved issues with the Chinese."

story : "Barring last-minute snags with China's basketball association, the Rockets are likely to test their
[lottery] luck again, this time on talented but unproven 7-5 center Yao Ming."