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A Whine And Geez! Crowd

In one sense, we'll be glad when the World Cup is over, because there's been
a lot of whining going on.

The Argentines were perhaps the first, whining that England shouldn't have
advanced because their style wasn't aesthetically pleasing. Then the Mexicans,
who lost to the U.S., which surely hurt, whined about a missed call. The
American player admitted error, but said it was unintentional, and even so, the
Americans still had a lead. Mexicans back home went so far as to say that
Vicente Fox and George W. Bush conspired to see to it that the U.S. won.
That's funny, but pretty ludicrous, too.

The Italians whined that they were robbed by the South Koreans, who whined in
the Olympics that they were robbed by the U.S. Take that!

The Americans managed to escape this fate by and large. The only exception we
recall was one player alluding to Mexico playing dirty, but that was after the
Mexicans had a few choice words.

It'd be nice if the teams could just play and be men about it when they