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Casey's Day In Court

Casey Sanders has
had his day in court
, and qualified for a deferred-prosecution agreement,
according to the Herald-Sun. This means he'll have to complete a series of
requirements, including a fairly comprehensive examination by former Duke
President H. Keith H. Brodie.

We do not know Dr. Brodie personally, but we know a fair amount about
him. We can safely say he's a fan of the basketball team - of all Duke
sports, really - but we can also say that he's definitely not a pushover,
and will not cut corners or do favors as part of this, and we certainly hope he
doesn't. As part of the agreement, Casey has admitted guilt, and the worst
thing for him now would be to have people do him favors or anything of the
sort. Dr. Brodie will make recommendations for Casey, and Casey is required to follow any that Brodie does make.

Continuing our theory that Duke and UNC basketball have an odd connection
beyond the obvious, Melvin Scott was in court on the same day for a similar
situation. His case was
continued until July 1.