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A Reader Request Passed On

Every so often a reader will ask us to do a favor, and usually we don't mind
at all (we usually don't do it for the second person who asks, though -
audacity rewards itself). Jack has rented a beach house on the Outer
Banks, but has a conflict. Regardless of that conflict, he has to pay for
it. So if you're interested in a nice getaway - and if you've never been you
can't imagine how nice the Outer Banks are - here's a chance to possibly get a
good deal.

On short notice, I am unable to use a terrific beach-front vacation house at the Outer Banks which I rented. Week of July 6th, sleeps 12-14, allows a dog (a rare option) in a great location right on the beach just north of Duck.

It's not cheap - $4,550 for the week - but it's got great amenities. Take a look at and search for unit H103.

Twiddy has it on the market for rent, but I feel like I'm running out of time and I have to pay for it even if it's empty. So I'm willing to negotiate the price to a reasonable level.

If you - or anyone you know - may have an interest, please contact me. Thanks for your help. I'm asking friends in NC to spread the word for me.