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This Seems A Tad Unfair

In his latest column, Mike DeCourcy has labeled Kris Humphries
"an insurance policy"
in case either Shavlik Randolph, Shelden
Williams, or Michael Thompson leave early. While that could happen -
Randolph and his father have made their interest in the NBA abundantly clear,
and Williams is an NBA talent who could leave early (we haven't seen Michael
Thompson, but we do know that his family is very committed to education),
calling Kris Humphries an insurance policy is a bit unfair.

The kid is a player in his own right, and that will come increasingly
clear. That's like calling Jason Williams an insurance policy in case
William Avery went pro. William did, and Jason did a great job, but he
wasn't exactly the AFLAC duck waiting for a disaster, if you get our drift.