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News From Durham

Some email has arrived from a friend who is in Durham:

In Durham, Duke is as always in good shape. Otherwise power is out nearly every where. The strip of restaurants and businesses along 15-501 business near what
used to be South Square are up and running but not the Kroger, Harris teeter, mo
vie theaters or Kmart area. Garrett Rd seems to be OK and Hillsborough Road is
mostly up and running but was a traffic nightmare when we were up that way this
morning so there must be some lights out west of 15-501, Ninth Street area also
powerless. Duke Power told Carol Woods (a retirement community that my folks l
ive in north of Chapel Hill that usually gets electricity before anyone else I k
now) that it would be two to seven more days before they'd have power back. I'v
e already had to throw out everything in the freezer. The inside of the fridge
is a lot warmer that the inside of my all electric house.

Since it remained below freezing all day yesterday the damage continued instead
of starting to get better. Last night we lost a full size oak tree that is now 2
/3 blocking a street adjacent to our property and we lost some more branches tha
t took out some wires around the house including the cable TV wire so no cable f
or who knows how long. Also we have no phone service. Luckily we got some suns
hine today so the ice is melting and there should be no more dropping branches.
Duke and the area around it (such as my neighborhood) appear to have more tree
damage than from Fran.

Everywhere you go you hear people on cell phones trying to find someone who has
electricity or heat or at least a gas stove or something. My spouse overheard someone
talking about how they just heard the Marriott RTP just freed up some more gues
t rooms!

Of course none of this will stop us from going to the women's games this weekend
or the Michigan game tomorrow but it will obviously stop me from posting about