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ACC Roundup

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The Challenge continued Wednesday night with Duke winning as you likely know,
Clemson also winning, and UNC and Maryland going down in flames. In UNC's
case, they hung with Illinois for a while but their lack of depth hurt them in
the end.

Rashad McCants was limited to 9 shots, and Raymond Felton shot 2-6,
with only 3 assists. The team as a whole had only 12 assists (to 19
turnovers), two stats which suggest that players are creating their own
plays. UNC got only 7 points from the bench and only four

However, youth and a thin roster, that's understandable.
It's harder to understand what Maryland did, because basically, the Terps just
choked, which leads us back to an idea we have alluded to before.

Remember how
everyone said that Gary was more relaxed? That he had mellowed and it
helped his team? Well he didn't look relaxed tonight, not one bit, and
certainly not mellow. Our theory was simple: take the school's best player
ever, add in an unflappable point guard, and two big men about to go into the
NBA, and you should be able to mellow.

In other words, Juan Dixon
was so good that he was going to win the game more often than not, and the big
men were ready to back him up as needed.

At the end of the game, mistakes just
killed Maryland. By all rights they should have won, and they have no one
to blame but themselves.

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