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UNC Loses To Iona; May Injury Devastating

Yes, an undermanned UNC
lost to a young and weak Iona in the Garden
, which would be a drag, but the
really devastating loss was the
loss of Sean May: out for 8-10 weeks with a broken 5th metatarsal
That pegs his return at about the beginning of March, and that means UNC enters
ACC play with no inside game at all. So when a Josh Powell or an Eric
Williams gets the ball inside, there's no one to counter him. Immediately after May left the game, Iona went on a 13-1 run, and that could get harsher in the conference. This is a major setback to UNC's hopes, and probably the biggest ACC story of the year thus far.

Iona started four freshmen and a JUCO transfer, incidentally.

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