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The Duke Coaching Tree

Here's a quick look at where some former Duke players have wound up in
the coaching ranks. The Charlotte 49'ers are coached by all-time Duke
great Katie Meier, whose team is 3-2 after playing teams like
Georgia Tech & Iowa. She brought in another key Duke guard, Nicole Erickson, one of the players who led Duke to the
finals in 1999. Nicole actually did volunteer assistant work at a high
school in Florida before getting the Charlotte job. One of Coach G's
earliest good players was Jen Scanlon, a tough guard who sometimes got overlooked
with players like Kira Orr and Ali Day on her team. Jen actually got a
masters in teaching and taught third grade in the Bronx in the year before
she got into coaching. Speaking of Kira, she's still the assistant coach and assistant
athletic director at the Bullis School, where she played in high school.