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ACC Roundup

In ACC news, State
is set for the Jimmy V Classic
, and just in time, Scooter
Sherrill has figured out college hoops.
State has Gonzaga, who
can't defend anyone
and who has to be worried about their play thus far.

As you know, this is a year of heavy freshman participation, and so
here's a breakdown
on how many minutes each one is getting and what they are
doing with those minutes. Among them is Tech's
Chris Bosh,
who is quickly becoming one of the best freshmen anywhere.

Clemson is undefeated,
but with a schedule full of Grenadas and Haitis, or
the basketball equivalent anyway, they'd better be. Littlejohn is totally on
track for reopening,
by the way.

Galloway is Rookie of the Week
in the ACC, and he's worth it. That kid is
fun to watch.

For some fans, when you think of Sean May
it's impossible not to think of Scott May as well.
Sean has learned a
lot from his dad, and may be a better pro prospect, too.

For the Terps, who are giving up 40 rebounds a game, the
problem is obvious
, and whoever steps up to help Ryan Randle out is going to
get playing time.

In Charlottesville,
Jermaine Harper is set to return
after getting a DWI.