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More On Michigan

You have to feel sorry for Tommy Amaker - and a bit concerned. After leaving
a bad situation at Seton Hall, he goes to Michigan, and the nightmare there
could be enough to sink his program and seriously affect his credibility and his
future. Fortunately, he has been recruiting very well and may be able to weather the storm. As you probably know, Michigan has penalized itself, but more
is likely on the way,
courtesy of the NCAA. Dick Vitale argues that
innocent people are being penalized,
and he's right. The scale of the
violations, though, will not escape the NCAA's attention.

Former Michigan
player Maurice Taylor, now in the NBA, shows that he
wasted his time in college,
saying "The NCAA uses kids all the time.
There is not a kid getting paid in college [not outside Ann Arbor maybe - DBR]. The NCAA gets paid off of every major guy that is in college. It's definitely hypocritical.

"If you look at anybody that can play nowadays, coming out of the top 20 to 25 (high school players), they look at college as a pit
stop. Even if they look at college, the first thing you hear is: 'I've got to make a better situation for my family.'

"Going to college is not making that happen. At the max, it's four more years of struggling.''

What an idiot. For a really small group of college athletes - maybe 20
every year - basketball is a lucrative career. For the rest, it's over
soon enough, and if you end up like Dontonio Wingfield, with no game left, and
no education, you've screwed your life up unbelievably. It's also
insulting to people who work like hell to get through on student loans and work
study and who actually work hard to get to a reasonable income. We're
guessing there are about 2,000 kids who came to the U.S. this month who would
kill for a free education that Taylor just sneers at as table scraps. What
a loser. Maybe he could comment on the hypocrisy of taking the money and
lying while he's at it.

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