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Expensive Victory

As suspected, Monique Currie tore her left ACL and will be out for the year. She'll have
surgery in a couple of weeks once the swelling goes down and rehab for six
months. This is a big blow to Duke's national title hopes as Currie
quickly became an integral part of the team as one of the "Big Three",
along with Beard & Tillis. Mo is an incredibly hard-working athlete and I
know she'll bounce back from this.

The team fortunately does have a lot of depth. Sheana Mosch will likely
step into the starting guard role, one she knows quite well. This means
that frosh Jessica Foley and Caitlin Howe will really need to step up
quickly in order to fill in, and everyone must improve their rebounding to
make up for Mo's absence. We will have information as to where to send
get-well wishes soon.