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Duke Battles Premier Players on Tuesday

Duke will play a team full of ex-ACC and current WNBA players on Tuesday
the 5th at 7:00pm. The Premier Players are more than just exhibition fodder,
and will come to Cameron with a lot of firepower. The team features
beloved former Tar Heels like Nikki Teasley and Juana Brown, who combined
to take 24 of their team's 71 shots on Sunday. Former NC State great
Tynesha Lewis, always a thorn in Duke's side, will also play. WNBA
players La'Keshia Frett and Trisha Stafford-Odom are also on the roster,
as well as former Maryland player Marche' Strickland and one-time USC
center Teresa Geter. The Players will have gone through their third ACC
team in as many nights. They lost to UNC after forging a halftime tie and
are playing NC State on Monday night. So while they will be a bit more
tired against Duke, they should also play better as a team. Come on out
and see Duke for the first time this year!