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ACC Roundup

Wednesday night everyone in the ACC who played was giving thanks except for
Virginia, and even in their case, after some shaky games (UK not included), they
had a very solid effort even though they lost to Indiana. However, the dominant story of the night, and probably of the college
basketball season thus far, was UNC's
amazing effort against Kansas.
If you read this and see they won by 11, it
doesn't tell you that they had a 19 point second half lead and made Kansas look

Roy Williams said he saw this coming, that his team hadn't been
practicing well. Well, that's your fault, big guy. You're the head
man. Make it work.

UNC, having easily dispatched the #2 team nationally, is instantly and
thoroughly credible, and will and should be ranked. If they can do that to
Kansas, they can do it to Maryland, Duke, or Georgia Tech as well. They'll have
some ups and downs - they have already - but they're back. Get used to it.


Wake Forest was hunting smaller game, but building confidence is really
critical, and they
probably managed that against Yale.

In Tallahassee, Adrian McPherson, who at one point said he wouldn't play
basketball this season, is still on the roster, but was
charged with misdemeanor theft
after his alleged check-stealing
escapade. Football is apparently over at FSU for him, but basketball is
undetermined as far as we know.

Tech had a nice comeback against Georgia, featuring some
courageous play by B.J. Elder.

Virginia, according to Pete Gillen, didn't
have the confidence to take it to Indiana.
Too bad. They were close anyway.

put a hurting on Mercer,
which is no major surprise and tells you little
about how good or bad FSU actually is.

Maryland had a
fairly meaningless win
against the Citadel. Same for Clemson and
High Point. Who cares?