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We're A Lucky Bunch Of Guys Here At DBR

We were thrilled with the auction of the 1992 rim, which ended up going for $16,024 dollars, which sets a new record. We want to thank everyone who bid on it, and wanted to talk a bit about the auctions and the philosophy behind them and this site.

We're thrilled to be able to do this. We've raised a fair amount of money for charities, and aside from the time James put into setting up the auction programming, it's very easy for us to do. We plug it the parameters, we direct the checks (which are never made out to us, in case you didn't know) to the proper charities, and sleep better at night. It's not much that we're doing, really, but it does feel good to be able to help worthy charities, and especially the Duke Children's Hospital.

Aside from that bit of happy happy joy joy, we look back over the last few days and we see absolutely brilliant writing coming to you guys from: Stickdog, on Luol Deng, from Carlos, with another brilliant opponent preview, and from Rob, who covers women's basketball with a passion that no one else comes close to, and we didn't even mention the FITSter, who is perhaps the premier satirist now for college basketball anywhere. We could go on: Chip Bremer, the Courtmaster, who is on sabbatical, and everyone we just insulted by not mentioning them by name. Sorry guys!

What these people all have in common, and what makes us feel incredibly blessed and lucky, is not simply that they are highly skilled writers and observers. They are intensely passionate about one of our great passions in life, which is Duke basketball. We're ecstatic everytime we get something from one of these guys, and we generally rush to post them as quickly as possible so that you can share them as well.

When you get down to it, Stickdog, Carlos, Rob, and the FITSter all were, we hope, drawn to this site because a lot of passion goes into it. We never wanted to be one of those sites that charged you 5 dollars a month to tell you what Luol Deng had for breakfast or what his uncle's mother's cousin told the butcher, and we certainly never wanted to be a site which was poorly written, which is unfortunately true of a lot of fan sites. We take a certain perverse pride in now being probably the worst voices on this site. We think this is a true series of statements: no one writes about recruiting with the verbal flair and depth of detail like Stickdog. No one writes more entertaining and detailed previews of opponents like Carlos. No one writes more, or better, about Duke women's basketball, than Rob. And no one has a sharper or funnier satirical edge than the FITSter.

We take no credit for the amazing work of the Fab Four mentioned above, or anyone else who writes for this site, but we do take a quiet pride in creating an atmosphere which encourages their dual pursuits of happiness and excellence and provides them a place to experiment and grow.

Along those lines, we want to extend invitations to anyone who is passionate about Duke basketball, or ACC basketball, or basketball in general, to please send us anything you think might be worth publishing. We would never promise to publish everything, but we can tell you this: if you put the passion into it that the Fab Four put into it, it would be really hard to not publish it. Crazies, we're always particularly interested in your opinions and insights.

And as for auctions, we are increasingly pleased with how things are going there, and the fact that people are matching auctionable items and charities and not sticking to our notions of what the auctions should be. If you have something you'd like to auction, please let us know. We'd be happy to discuss it with you.