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ACC Roundup

As the ACC season draws ever closer, a couple of disconcerting scores from
exhibition games are in. For the second year in a row, UNC
lost an exhibition game,
something which was not too long ago
unthinkable. The culprit this time was Team Nike, who pulled off a nice
comeback to win. Rashad McCants and Jackie Manuel both sat out with short-term

In Raleigh, an Evtimov-less
State had to scramble to beat the EA All-Stars
. Julius Hodge scored 18 of
their final 20 points, including a buzzer-beater to ice the game.

In Terp news, here's
a recap of the victory over the Globies
and Laura Vecsey, of the famed
sportswriting clan,
has a wide-eyed review of Comcast
that would probably not have been written
by her father or uncle. For one thing, it's been clear for some time that
Maryland is established; it's not like Coach K is going to walk in and go,
"wow, they're not going away." All of their success has been achieved
in Cole. Certainly the new arena will help, but it's not the cart before the
horse or anything. It's a big reward for success is what it is.
While it appears that Maryland has learned from UNC's mistakes and, to a lesser
extent State's, a new arena is never a guaranteed success. It's a great
facility from all accounts, but will it match Cole? Time will tell. The
bottle-chunking angles may be better.

Here are some comments from
FSU's Anthony Richardson,
who could be a reborn player this year under
Leonard Hamilton after supposedly having some conflicts with Steve
Robinson. For a bit of perspective, FSU
took Team Nike to double OT before losing.

The Winston-Salem paper has a ton of links out today, so let's just bullet them.

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Hewitt will rely on new point guard

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And here's three more from the N&R as well.

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