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More On Geno

You may have heard about Geno Auriemma's comments on Duke (here's
the original article
), which made him sound like a pretty petty heavyweight,
and let's be honest, he is. The guy has done a sensational job at UConn.
So why rag on Duke? It's hard to imagine anything else other than he's getting
annoyed at having someone nipping at his heels. Coach
G says she's not offended,
but if you don't think that column is on the
locker room bulletin board, you don't understand how the game works.

All other things aside, what's the deal with making all Australians out to be
drunkards? Would Coach Auriemma be happy if someone said the reason UConn
had recruiting success was because the coach was Italian and, well, you know how
they get things done, it's on the Sopranos after all. Come on,
coach, the mature thing to do would be to apologize for most of what you said.

There were a number of dumb comments, and one hopes they'll all be fresh when
UConn comes to Cameron this season. We'll certainly do our bit.