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2002-3 Picking Contests

Just a reminder, college basketball season starts tomorrow!

The basketball picking contests for 2002-3 are now open! James, our Alpha Geek, has been running these picking contests for over a decade. In them, you pick the winner of selected games, and the margin of victory. No prize money is at stake, it is purely for fun.

This year, James has four contests of interest for Duke fans:

NCAA Picking Contest.
Usually twice a week, six games are selected for picking. Teams range from the top 10 to the SWAC, each conference gets at least one game in the contest. 260 games is the target for this year's contest.

ACC Picking Contest
Every ACC Conference game, including the tournament, and any possible NCAA or NIT matchup.

Duke Picking Contest
Every Duke Men's Game.

Duke Women's Picking Contest
New this year! Every Duke women's basktball game is listed for picking. If there is enough interest, this will become a regular picking contest.

There are also picking contests for The Big Ten, The Big Twelve, SEC, Kentucky Basketball, and Indiana Basketball.

Good luck!