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ACC Women's Preview - Summary

Predicted Order Of Finish:

NC State
Georgia Tech
Florida St.
Wake Forest


First Team:

Kaayla Chones, NC State
Iciss Tillis, Duke
Alana Beard, Duke
Chrissy Floyd, Clemson
Coretta Brown, UNC

Second Team:

Sonja Mallory, Georgia Tech
Brandi Teamer, Virginia
Leah Metcalf, UNC
Candace Sutton, UNC
Tonia Brown, Wake Forest

Third Team:

Carisse Moody, NC State
Tasheika Morris, Florida State
Cherisse Graham, Virginia
Sheana Mosch, Duke
Nina Barlin, Georgia Tech


Lindsay Harding, Duke
LaTangela Atkinson, UNC
Kasha Terry, Georgia Tech
Charmaine Carr, Maryland
Ganiyat Adeduntan, Florida State


NCAA Tournament: Duke, NC State, UNC, Virginia
WNIT: Georgia Tech, Clemson

Player of the Year: Alana Beard, Duke

Coach of the Year: Debbie Ryan, Virginia

Rookie of the Year: Kasha Terry, Georgia Tech

Note on Schedule Analysis: I'm dividing non-conference opponents into
three categories: Marquee Matchups (those teams that are expected to be
top 40 teams), Mid-Majors (solid clubs expected to be ranked from 41-100)
and Tune-Ups (anyone over 100 in the RPI). Marquee Matchups get 5 points,
Mid-Majors 2 and Tune-Ups 0. In addition, all true road games got a bonus
of .5. The points are added and divided by the total number of non-conference
games to yield a rating. For those teams playing in tournaments without
a guaranteed number of games, I will assume that they will play in at least
two games.

Strength of Schedule Ranking:

1. NC State (2.9)
2. Virginia (2.4)
3. Duke (2.27)
4. UNC (1.87)
5. Clemson (1.7)
6. Georgia Tech (1.2)
6. Florida State (1.2)
8. Maryland (1)
9. Wake Forest (.09)