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ACC Roundup

We've said on numerous occasions that we think Rashad McCants is the key
player for UNC. That means that he's also a target for everyone else, of
course, and his new
symbol is almost as silly as Jason Capel's foul-line chest thump.
this article, Doherty says his sophomores have improved a great deal.

In other
ACC news,
injuries are piling up at Wake Forest.
Josh Howard, Eric Williams,
Justin Gray, Steve Lepore, and Dshamal Schoetz are all recuperating to greater
or lesser degrees. Lepore and Schoetz were severely injured last season and
neither is 100%.

are some interesting notes from Terpland,
where Steve Blake is looking
forward to shooting more, Travis Garrison and Nik Caner-Medley are both making
bids to start, and Taj Holden is working on a jump hook, and weighs in now at
around 270.