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More News On The London Games

Warm greetings from London.

Tim Warmath, T'84, checking-in. I serve as President of the Duke Club of Great Britain and am a loyal reader of DBR - -keep up the great work. I wanted to give some additional information regarding the basketball games in London this weekend and the Duke events.

  • The scrimmage and game on Saturday are NOT open to the public. All other games are (Sunday and Monday) and individual tickets can be purchased by calling the London Towers on 011 44 (020) 8776-7755
  • The Duke Club of Great Britain, the Duke Department of Athletics and The Duke Department of Alumni Affairs are hosting a reception at the Stadium Bar at Crystal Palace between the Sunday games. As of today, we have over 250 alumni, students, Iron Dukes and fans coming to the reception. We will NOT be accepting walk-in attendees as we are at our MAXIMUM numbers. If there are any last minute RSVP's please contact the Alumni Affairs office at Duke on 919 684 3246 by the close of business TODAY.
  • It is a BIG WEEK for Duke in London. Last Saturday was College Day for UK secondary school students and 9 Duke alumni and current students recruited for Duke for 6 hours! Tonight is the Fuqua School of Business Information session and admissions fair and of course, Men's basketball this Sunday and Monday.
  • I've gotten news from a reliable source that we'll even have a great group of Cameron Crazies in attendance on Sunday as 30+ study abroad students will be at the games with faces painted and voices in full throttle.

Best regards,

Tim Warmath
Duke Club of Great Britain