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Duke in London - Want the DVD?

We realize the incredible curiousity that Duke fans have about the upcoming team and the impatience about waiting until the middle of November to glimpse the team, so here's something fun we wanted to offer.

As you may (or may not) know, we've had some close Duke alum contacts in Great Britain (the former Ambassador to the Court of St. James is a Duke grad by the way), and we have been offered the opportunity to receive a copy of a recording on DVD of all four games that Duke will be playing in London (admittedly not a professional recording but at least you don't have to listen to Billy Packer). If you are interested in seeing the new team in action, it looks (currently) that you can order a copy of all four games from us on DVD for $35. We'll keep no more than $15, and the rest will go to the K-Lab at Duke Sports Medicine. Our biggest issue, though, is how many of you are interested? We need a decent number to make it worthwhile.

If you do want a DVD, we desperately need you to tell us if you're interested in the London video, so if you are, please drop us a line as soon as possible so we can put you on the list. If we get a sufficient number of you expressing interest, we can make it a go. Thanks!