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Bass, Howe & Foley Updates!

The Chronicle has continued its series on the incoming frosh. First is
an article on powerful post Mistie Bass. Mistie is a go-getter and will have
to adjust to not being the top offensive option on the team, but will
immediately contribute against great rebounding teams. Caitlin Howe was the next player spotlighted, and
this is someone you have to root for even if you're not a Duke fan. She's
overcome two knee surgeries and yet still maintains an incredibly upbeat
demeanor. Coach G has referred to her as the best shooter she has ever
seen. Last but not last comes the secret weapon of the class, Jessica Foley. She's a top-notch shooter who can do a bit
of everything and has played against world-class opponents for quite some

In preseason news, the All-Star Girls Report has ranked Duke #1 in the preseason,
with Alana Beard a first-team all-america, Iciss Tillis a second teamer,
and Monique Currie a third teamer. High praise! Athlon Sports has also
ranked Duke #1. Of course, preseason rankings mean little, but the
publicity certainly doesn't hurt.