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Watzone On The Blue-White Game

Would you believe that the outstanding offensive prospect JJ Redick
scored but two points in a scrimmage game? Well, the reason was
Dhantay Jones smothering defense. Jones led the White team to a 72-50
win over the Blue with twenty eight points and showed off his athletic
ability and on ball defensive prowess.

OTOH, The talented freshman Redick likely will face some in face defense
during the season, and will have learned from the experience.

Fellow freshman Sean Dockery showed off his point skills by hitting
Casey Sanders with two nice oops for crowd pleasing dunks to open the
game. After an early lead though, the White team took control,
especially in the second half
after Coaching adjustments.

Casey was a force inside for the Blues, but did have three fouls by the
half. Daniel Ewing played well and may have the inside track for a spot
starting lineup with the White team, minus Melchionni. Strangely,
Redick and Ewing played for the same team -- probably to get them use to
playing with one another. Redick hit Ewing on the break for a wide open
three point shot. It was good to see the chemistry developing.

Shelden Williams continued to show he will be a force inside. The young
freshman had several good offensive moves and looks to be fighting
Sanders for time up front. I am very impressed with Sheldens touch from
the charity stripe- he'll get a lot of chances there if he plays

One player they will expect to see on the frontline is Shavlik Randolph.
Shav started slow, but finished strong once in the flow of the game. He
does not hurt his team with mistakes, and showed some surprisingly good
defense twice rejecting fellow freshman Michael Thompsons shot.

Chris Duhon scored but nine points, but he led the game in assists and
played a great floor game. He has truly taken the leadership reigns and
is vocal in molding the team around him.

Nick Horvath struggled a bit tonight, but don't be fooled I'm told he's
had some great practices by a solid source.

Anyhow, as a whole it wasn't as pretty as it will be come January, but
it is obvious that Coach K has some great parts to work with. Also,
bare in mind that the scrimmage was but thirty minutes, and one look is
not enough to pass judgement on a players ability.

One bright spot I'd like to mention is the free throw shooting. The
team did very well there as a whole.

Coach K spoke to the crowd at halftime. He addressed the new freshman
and welcomed them to be a part of the team. He also acknowledged the
parents in attendance, one Gary Melchionni - who played in the Alumni
game that preceded.

Dukes top target was twice serenaded by the crowd "We want Deng!".
Speaking of Luol Deng -- he sat by Coach K most of the night.
Luol attended todays football game, and hung out with the players during
his visit. He seemingly had a good time, smiling a couple of times
during the contest. I am sure the staff made him feel welcome, as did
the fans. Here is hoping the talented youngster picks the Blue Devils.