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Dramatic Developments In D.C.

We can't possibly relate everything that's happened in the sniper investigation since Wednesday, and at any rate information is developing so fast that anything we say will probably be outdated by the time you read this. However, warrants have been issued for John Allen Mohammad, aka John Allen Williams, 34, and John Lee Malvo, 17, both sought as witnesses. Search warrants have been issued in Tacoma, Washington, and Marion, Alabama. A credit card which was stolen in an Alabama liquor store robbery is also now a part of the investigation. Police are looking for a blue or burgundy Chevy Caprice, with New Jersey license plates, with the plate reading: NDA-21Z, and 1989 white Chevy Celebrity with Maryland tags, with license plates ZWE-510, or possibly a Crown Victoria. In a case like this, the more eyes, the better, so we hope everyone writes the tag numbers down and keeps an eye out.