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A Texas Charity Worth Supporting


I'm writing to tell you about a great charity run by a Duke Grad, and to ask for your help.

Carly Moran (Duke '96) is the executive director of Liv in the Game, an amazing charitable organization in Austin, Texas, dedicated to empowering the lives of underprivileged girls through physical activity and sports. The charity runs two programs: one, large-scale Olympic-style events where hundreds of girls learn values like teamwork and courage while playing sports like football, volleyball, soccer and kick-boxing; and two, an intense one-to-one mentoring program focused on goal-setting and life skills where girls are paired with "everyday athletes" from the Austin community.

The programs are based on detailed and thorough research proving girls who play sports lead better lives. In fact, 80 percent of women CEO's played sports as kids, while 90 percent of women serving time in prison did not. Likewise, girls who have mentors in their lives are more likely to graduate from high school, less likely to take illegal drugs, and less likely to become pregnant during their teen years.

Liv in the Game is a dynamic organization with a great cause, and its executive director Carly Moran is doing a fantastic job. However, Liv in the Game was hit very hard by Sept. 11, and is in significant need of funds.

I would greatly appreciate if you guys would post this message to the Duke community-- please support Liv in the Game (you may donate at, and support a pair of Dukies trying to improve the lives of Austin's underprivileged girls.


Ryan Clinton

Liv in the Game Board Member & Assistant Solicitor General, State of Texas (Duke '97)