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Alum Update!

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Here's a Carlos
Boozer update
from the Juneau Empire. Stat of the day: Mike Dunleavy
is currently shooting 26% for the Warriors and getting
a bit frustrated.

Chris Burgess left Duke after his sophomore year, as you know. He has
periodically said really nice things and also alluded to being
disenchanted. But listen to this quote and see if you can spot the
Krzyzewski-ism, which, apparently, he hasn't completely gotten out of his
system: "[Seeing guys I know from high school in the NBA is tough].
But at the same time I'm running my own race. They're ahead. That's OK. I don't do what they do. We're different players with different teams. They did well in college and have done well in the NBA. I struggled a little in college, whether it was injuries or not playing as much as I'd like to at Duke. Whatever it was, the only thing I can do now is make up for that and catch up in the race."

is now trying to catch on with the Suns.