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DVD Update

We've had hundreds of expressions of interest, so we're good to go on that front (no more e-mails are needed, thanks!). Some of you have asked about when they would be mailed. They should be ready for shipping next weekend. Also, the price includes all shipping and handling fees. To answer another question, we will not be able to offer VHS videos.

Our biggest concern (and the biggest concern of our photographer) is quality. Our photographer in England has been working on getting permission from Crystal Palace to bring in some professional video equipment (yes, he is using equipment compatable with American video systems). Their security personnel seem to want to limit it to a hand-held, but we're hoping it can be worked out. We want quality, so if it turns out to be a jerky, hand-held video, we'll bag the idea because it only hurts us if we sell something crappy for $35 (even if part goes to charity). We'll keep you informed, and thanks again for your interest!