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Ho-Hum--Duke #1 in Several More Polls

Duke is #1 in preseason polls by several more sources. The latest to
tab Duke at the top spot at Street & Smith's,, Basketball
News and Women's Basketball News Service. Alana Beard is also first team
all-american in every single poll (best ten by Street & Smith's) and is
preseason player of the year by the WBNS. Iciss Tillis and Monique Currie
have also made assorted second, third and HM teams, while frosh Brooke
Smith was named to the WBSN's first team and Jess Foley to the third team.

I'll announce this again later on, but the women's basketball open house
will be on October 24th. Players will be out there signing autographs
(and the new team poster) and there will be a Q&A session with Coach G.
More on this later!