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ACC Roundup

It didn't take long for FSU
to come back to earth,losing to NC State 77-62. State said it was
an ugly game, but a win is a win. Here's more on Monte Cummings, who has seen tougher foes than Duke, and
Steve Robinson has some comments on the Duke game as well.

Steve Blake's dad has been commuting - from Florida -
to see his kid play for Steve's entire career.Having made part of that drive recently, we respect his commitment.

Matt Doherty says Adam Boone will start against Maryland tonight. He says
Maryland will probably press, and
Byron Mouton agrees.

Incidentally, Julius Peppers has made it official - no more hoops.

Clemson pulled an impressive upset,
knocking off Virginia 72-68. Clemson zoned UVa and UVa couldn't cope. Much like Duke, UVa has come to realize they need to play harder and with more intensity. UVa types are getting concerned