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ACC Roundup

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Eddy Landreth argues that
UNC has taken a significant step backwards with their loss to Wake Forest.

Some people think that Baddour is taking
the blame for far too much.
Some others, apparently, aren't
too happy with Doherty right about now.

A couple of unfortunate UNC notes: first,
Geoff Crompton has died.
A guy who should have been a great player, Crompton
struggled with weight all his life instead. He fell to leukemia. And Michael
Jordan's wife has
filed for divorce.
Fortunately for Michael, he's not home much these

In Raleigh, State gets the suddenly prestigious Seminoles for a visit in an unexpectedly
interesting game.
Things are happier in Clemson after
the win over Tech.

Navy is not considered a powerful opponent, but they are a very well coached
team, and capable of pulling upsets. Not
against Wake
. The Deacs continue to motor along at 12-3 and sole possession
of first place in the ACC. Next up for the Deacs: Clemson. 3-0?

Clemson plays UVa tonight, and while UVa is favored, Clemson isn't completely