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ACC Roundup

The season starts in earnest today with State playing UVa, UNC playing Wake,
and Tech and Clemson going at it. Our gut tells us to pick State, Wake,
and Tech, but who knows.

Barnette is picking State,
but some of his reasoning is questionable.
State almost
always struggles at U-Hall.
Roger Mason is
ready for ACC play to begin.
What a great attitude.

has had trouble at Chapel Hill also
, but UNC has had trouble there this year
also, though lately
things are better.
They have
more confidence than at the beginning,
but Wake
is still upset about losing there last year.
Needless to say, Wake is
better than NC A&T or whoever and
does present a challenge.

Tech takes on Clemson today, and Ed Nelson, who has been a factor for Tech,
credits his dad for making him a better player.
Things may be getting
a bit dicey now for Larry Shyatt.

And here's
a small update on Gamecock Dave Odom.