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ACC Roundup

In Chapel Hill, the
will-he-or-won't-he of Ronald Curry continues
, as do the general point guard
woes: Adam Boone passed out on New Year's Day and gave himself a
concussion. Doherty says he doesn't drink, but he's still sounds somewhat
curious about what happened.
Here's more on Curry.

Also, UNC has gotten a bit hot since Kris Lang went out with a knee injury. How
will his return affect things?

State has
another chance
to get over a big ACC hump when
they play UVa.
State has shown signs of life lately, but
some fans are giving up.
Herb Sendek very quietly is questioning UVa's
ranking (see Al Featherston's article, linked above), as
is Rob Daniels of the N&R.

At Wake, Skip
Prosser is tinkering with his lineup,
and has expressed unhappiness with the
play of his seniors.

In College Park, Maryland
trashed Norfolk State,
as one would hope. Lonny Baxter is in a soft
cast after a serious ankle sprain, but is expected to be ready for UNC
Wednesday. Now here's an interesting scenario: Maryland has recently gone to a 7
man rotation. If Baxter can't go full speed, that effectively puts them down to
6. Could UNC pull off the upset? It's hard to see right now, but 6 players
is getting thin.

Barring unforeseen problems, the
victory was probably the last non-conference victory i
n Cole Field House.

Time for some mindless speculation: if Larry Shyatt isn't back next year,
wouldn't Jerry Green be a great fit at Clemson? We had mentioned him
earlier at FSU, but he'd be almost perfect at Clemson.